Martina Satherlund

Martina Satherlund, Programme Director – Global Head, Market Data, Fidelity International

At Fidelity, Martina has spearheaded global programs ranging from automation and process improvements to global Market Data strategies and cloud enablement. Before that, Martina spent 14 years working in the field of Market and Reference Data. She has worked extensively with all types of capital markets data, and expanded her expertise in financial markets into areas such as evaluated pricing services, reference data management and derived/non-display data.

Her previous roles have included head of research and analytics, head of global relationship management, global project manager, and senior market data consultant. She has been involved in projects like derivatives products research, analysis of trading venues’ agreements and distribution policies and analysis of evaluated pricing services providers. She has an understanding of vendor and exchange policies, strong focus on achieving clients’ strategic objectives and the ability to create enduring business relationships.

Martina has a strong passion for diversity and is a big contributor to starting Fidelity’s Women in Technology group, where the aim is to give a platform for women in technology at Fidelity to build up their network, as well as provide a podium to showcase the talent and role models Fidelity has in the organization. Martina was also recently included in the HERoes 100 women Future Leader Role Model List 2021.

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