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A pan Asia Pacific conference for the regional market data community. FISD has finalized a date and location for AsiaFIC (The FISD Asia Financial Information Conference). Spread over May 3rd and 4th 2023 at the Fairmont Hotel, Singapore.

Our previous pan APAC conferences have drawn audiences of 300+ and, following the extraordinary success of attracting a record 632 delegates to our World Financial Information Conference back in October in Prague, we are pleased that our market data community is ready and eager to gather in person again. Hence we look forward to discussing the issues and opportunities for our industry – in APAC.

This conference will be made up of panel debates, insightful thought leadership, strong exhibits – and robust and enjoyable networking with colleagues – a combination we know works.


This is not a definitive or final list of topics, it is intended to start the planning for topics for May 2023. These topics have global interest – we are very interested in exploring the more specific APAC aspects of each of these.

  1. Cloud – building on the keen interest at the WFIC Engineering Stream there are many dimensions to the market data in the cloud topic.
  2. ESG – another multi-dimensional market data topic, a complex and still confusing topic that merits better clarification through robust discussions.
  3. DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Data Catalogues – two topics in their own rights but with significant overlaps.
  4. Regulations – (including RegTec) – but as this relates to ‘market data’. A diverse topic ranging from consolidated tapes in the US and Europe to a growing rumble of noise regarding protecting the technical stability of the ‘financial markets.
  5. Crypto, Digital Assets (and DeFi) – not a quiet section of our industry, very new, very different, very turbulent, and very controversial. We should all seek a better understanding.
  6. Alternative Data – a maturing section of the market data world but still not well understood in the mainstream.
  7. People – Skills and Recruitment and Retention. Our market data industry sector is nothing without the people who work within it. Are we doing enough to nurture that talent?
  8. Firms/Organizations – there is a changing landscape of providers eg exchanges and data vendors merging. What does this mean and where is it leading.
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